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Rule 1: Griefing is forbidden

What is considered griefing?

Adjusting or breaking someone's builds without their permission is considered griefing and will likely result in an immediate ban.

Why is this disallowed?

We are a server where players have the option to play alone or collaborate with others. In order to assure a good player experience, we want to assure that each player has the freedom to build in any way they want (with the exception of inappropriate builds; rule 2). Having someone making edits to a structure can offend the owner of that structure.

How do I avoid being banned for griefing?

Always ask the owner of the structure whether you can make a change.


Rule 2: No inappropriate builds

What is considered an inappropriate build?

Any structure that resembles racism, human genitals or any other thing that may offend others.

We rely on your common sense; what would you consider inappropriate? 

Why are these forbidden?

We are a family friendly server. Think of it this way: we have 6-year old kids playing with us. Do not steal their innocence. 

How do I avoid being banned for building anything inappropriate?

Breaking this rule will initially result in an official warning and the question to remove/alter the build. Failure to comply will result in a ban.


Rule 3: Cheat mods are forbidden

What are cheat mods?

Any modification of the base game, aimed at cheating in the game, is prohibited. 

Which mods are considered cheat mods?

  • X-ray: this allows you to find (underground) materials easily. 

  • Flight: allows you to fly, even if flying is disabled.

  • Killaura: Allows you to kill mobs and players quickly

Are there any exceptions?

There are! The following mods may be used on the server:

  • Autofish: allows you to fish automatically without some kind of Redstone contraption. This method comes with the benefit that it doesn’t lag the server as much as a Redstone contraption.

  • Voxelmap: although this was previously forbidden, we do allow usage of the Voxelmap mod with mob radar. It doesn’t give you a huge advantage over others.

  • WorldDownloader: Downloads the area around you, so you have a local copy of your area.

  • Gammabright: This allows you to set the game much brighter as if you permanently have night vision.

Always ask if you’re unsure whether a mod is allowed or not. The staff will discuss allowing it formally, so everyone can start using it.

What are the consequences of cheating?

You will be banned if you’re caught cheating. We have several detection tools in place to catch cheaters.

Rule 4: Hacked and cheat clients are forbidden

What is a cheat client?

A cheat client is a custom version of Minecraft aimed at cheating in the game. There are many different cheat clients. It’s best to just use the base game (default MC launcher) or MultiMC. Exceptions can be made.

Why is this forbidden?

Cheat clients facilitate a huge disadvantage over other players. We want to keep the game fair for everyone, hence this rule.

Rule 5: No excessive caps and spam

What is excessive caps and spam?

It’s kind of obvious, but excessive caps is the excess usage of caps lock in the chat. This means that you cannot type an entire sentence in caps lock. 

Spamming means that you’re continuously sending the same message or you’re dying on purpose. 

Whatcha gonna do about it?

You will initially receive a warning from a staff member. If you decide to ignore this warning, you will definitely be kicked. If you still decide to continue, you will be banned as a last resort.

Rule 6: No offensive language, not even in abbreviations

What is offensive language?

Inappropriate words or topics are forbidden in chat. Do not use asterisks (*) to mask a few characters of a forbidden words, that’s not allowed either. And no, we’re not a Christian server, we just want a safe environment for children to play.

For a full list of disallowed words, check here (warning - not for all audiences). You may also private message staff in-game. Do not question if a word is offensive in Global Chat.


Abbreviations are shortened versions of a few words. Think of “lol”, which stands for “laughing out loud”. While this abbreviation is allowed on the server, there’s many other abbreviations that contain disallowed words. Please do not use those.

Rule 7: No bullying, racism or sexism

Why can I not be sexist, racist or bully?

We welcome anyone on the server, without regard of their gender, race or religion. Do not make fun of someone’s gender, race or religion as this will probably discomfort them. 

What are the consequences?

We do not allow bullying, ever. If a staff member notices someone is being bullied, the bully will probably be banned instantly. The staff member has a discretionary space to counteract, though. They will decide which punishment they see fit.

In the occurrence of sexist speech, you will initially be warned. Do not continue.

Rule 8: No pestering

What is pestering?

Continuously asking for something. This can be a certain item or block, but can be asking for someone to teleport to you, too. Do not do this too often, because if the other person complains, you will face consequences. Spamming TP requests is covered under this rule too.


Rule 9: No PvP outside dedicated PvP areas

Err.. how do I even do that?

Any action that results in the death of someone else, outside of a PvP area, is forbidden. Building traps or simply dropping lava on someone is not cool. You may agree to kill eachother, but do not spam the chat with deaths.


Rule 10: No advertising other servers

This one is simple; do not share the IP of other servers to get other people there. If this happens, you’re banned. Even if you send a /msg.

Rule 11: Do not bend or break the rules

‘Bending’ rules?

Bending rules means you’re not necessarily breaking any rules, but rather malforming them. For example, by substituting a disallowed word with something else or by using x-ray to dig around valuables. 

This is still forbidden and will be treated as if you are breaking a rule.

Rule 12: The staff have the final say

The final say?

If a staff member asks you to stop a certain behaviour, you stop. If a staff member orders you to do something, you do it. 

The staff isn’t allowed to ask you to build something for them, but they can ask you to hand over any stolen contraband or materials acquired by cheating.

Discussing rules with them is pointless. If you’re not satisfied with the rules, you’d better refer to Ontvlambaar or rwsender. Still not satisfied? Find a different server that suits your needs better.

Rule 13: English only in global chat or public areas

Only English?

Yup, you cannot speak your own language in global chat. We have players around the world and everyone is asked to speak English. 

You CAN speak your own language in ’/chat local’ to interact with others in your own language. The only exception is that you cannot speak any other language than English in public areas, such as /spawn or /warp ct.

Rule 14: Do not purposely cause lag

How do I avoid causing lag?

Having a lot of entities, such as hoppers, chests or animals in a small area will definitely cause lag on the server. It takes a lot of the server’s resources when every online player is loading thousands of entities simultaneously. 

Rule 15: Do not go onto the nether roof


The nether roof glitch is unintended behaviour. That Mojang hasn’t fixed it yet doesn’t mean it’s intended! We do not allow going on top of the nether roof, because of how easy it will be to travel to other areas. See it as a safeguard against uninvited visitors.